Steady Cashflow for a Small Town Business

With 34 years in the industry under his belt, this hardware store owner saw an incredible opportunity and bought the business when the original owners decided to sell. “The business is coming up on its 70-year anniversary, and I’m nearing my tenth year as owner,” said the Russellville, Alabama resident. “There have been many challenges, but we have been dedicated to keeping our store open for the community.”

“For us, it’s all about the people. In a hardware/outdoor power equipment store, you must be a problem-solver,” said the business owner. “Helping the people of my community handle the day-to-day challenges of home, industrial, and lawn care is our business.”

The hardware store owner recently sought additional working capital from IOU Financial. “I acquired this business in 2007, just before the great economic bust, and we found that the banks’ attitude changed overnight,” he explained. “I had to find financing anywhere I could, and that can lead to very high interest rates.”

The business owner has put the funds to good use already. “With the capital from IOU, we paid off our outstanding high interest balances, and closed those accounts. This IOU loan is a simple interest loan, and has an end in sight,” he pointed out. “This will quickly raise our business credit rating and improve our relationships with the many vendors we deal with. We will also be able to pay our accounts more quickly and timely to take advantage of the early pay discounts and dating on future purchases.”

“Most banks don’t look beyond the credit score. IOU did and could see the plan we wanted to put in place. The procedure was fairly simple and quick compared to the banks.”

Another reason the owner chose IOU was because “all the reps were very personable and attentive to our needs and limitations. I didn’t encounter any pressure sales tactics,” he said. “The ease of the process, speed of the decision, and the willingness to answer questions at any point were great. If you choose IOU as your lender, you will be informed and understand everything throughout the loan process.”

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Hiring New Staff During a Business Growth Spurt

Lisa, a small business owner of 8 years, sought out a small business loan from IOU Financial after finding that her type of business is not an attractive candidate for bank lending. Luckily, IOU was able to quickly provide her the working capital she needed to expand her business and hire new staff during her time of growth. See what she had to say about her experience with IOU:


If you are a small business and working capital is the only thing holding you back from expanding, give IOU Financial a call. We can help restaurants expand their seating area, retail stores grow their product line, doctors update their equipment, and so much more!



Integrating New Technology for Greater Business Success

Medical Plaza Pharmacy in Houston, Texas has become a staple business in the community. With lots of hard work and a few career shifts, small business owner Art has built his company from the ground-up. After following in his brother’s footsteps and finishing Pharmacy school, Art spent a few years working for a large chain. He and his brother always dreamt of opening their own business together. In 1973, that dream became reality and lasted for 10 years before they both went to work for independents. In 1987, an opportunity arose for Art to open his own business again, and he jumped at the chance. In its 29 years, Art’s business has flourished and provided a much-needed service to his community. “I get enjoyment out of helping  people with health issues and assisting them anyway I can. That has always been a calling card for myself and my growth,” said Art.

Art has borrowed working capital from IOU Financial a art-blog-imagefew times to encourage his business growth. Throughout the years, his business model has changed and technology has quickly evolved the industry. “If you don’t keep up with technology, you fall behind. However, technology can cost a lot,” said the business owner. “At this time, my business is looking to introduce technology in new ways in order to advance in other areas of practice, such as becoming involved in assisted living communities.”

An IOU small business loan provides a cushion that allows Art’s business to grow at a quicker pace. In the past he has used his working capital to make upgrades to the physical space, providing a fresh environment for his customers and employees. This time around he is focused on moving forward in the industry through technological advances and the integration of new software.

“IOU has been very cooperative with my loan applications. The people there really look at what we are trying to do, and they’ve invested in our business as though we’re a best friend. The IOU employees I have spoken with have been so enthusiastic about our growth,” said Art. “That is so helpful in getting us the funds we need to continue to grow in the direction we’d like. We’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with the company!”


Driving Further Success through Working Capital

What began as a quarterly newsletter about the air racing community, eventually evolved into a multi-faceted business dedicated to helping the aviation industry grow. In 1993, the small business expanded from its only offering, a newsletter, to start producing embroidered products for numerous aviation

Just 3 short years later, the business was embroidering for groups such as: Leeward Air Ranch, Commemorative Air Force (Minnesota Wing), Warbird Rides of America, Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association, Warbirds Parts, Experimental Aircrafts Association (Antique Division) and several others. They were also giving back to the aviation community through donations to Experimental Air Association, Commemorative Air Force (MN Wing) and Flight Expo, Inc.

Now with 20+ years in business, the promotional and merchandise side of the organization has grown in demand at numerous aviation events. Helping other aviation groups grow and achieve their goals has always been a highlight of being in business, and in order to keep doing that, they needed a business loan to introduce a new product line for upcoming shows.

IOU Financial was chosen as their preferred lender because “they do not shy away from loans under $10,000,” the business owner remarked. With this funding, the owner is able to grow the business with new, exciting ideas ready for implementation. IOU Financial provides responsible capital to small business owners across the US and Canada in as little as 24 hours. Even “the customer service is awesome,”  the aviation focused small business owner exclaimed!

Modernize your Equipment and Systems to Bring in New Customers

Freight-Base was ready to develop an online system that would give them an edge over their competitors, but they needed capital quickly to launch it.

When the owner was turned away by a local bank, IOU Financial’s fast and simple process became his go-to lending resource, both for his business and his charitable foundation.freightbase-quote

Freight-Base, which specializes in international logistics, had been in business for thirty years when owner Jack Groat was ready to make his big idea a reality. He had hired a team to create a worldwide GPS tracking system that would allow customers to track every step of the shipping process, view photos of their freight, and get detailed location information. When Jack approached the local bank to get the capital he needed for additional research and developing the system’s website, he was turned away despite his business’s long tenure.

He then pursued a home equity loan. When he saw that the paperwork required him to disclose extensive information about his business and his charities, he decided that wasn’t the right route for him either. IOU caught his eye and he started investigating what alternative lending could do for him.

Loan Logistics Made Simple

Jack decided to go with IOU Financial, and the entire process, from application to receiving funding, was only 48 hours.

Freight-Base quickly put their $50,000 loan to work to enhance, the online portal for their worldwide GPS tracking system. They are also using the loan to upgrade their online quoting system so it can provide an accurate, instant, door-to-door quote. The system gives Freight-Base an edge in the market in two different ways: most large logistics companies don’t offer door-to-door quotes and have a waiting period for quote estimates. With these upgrades, Freight-Base has an edge over its larger competition. Jack said the product is in process of gradually expanding so that it covers more countries.

“Even though we’ve been in business a long time, it’s nice to be super excited about something that no one else has. You’re competing against the monsters of the industry. It’s a great feeling you have inside that you’re doing something that helps the company and helps the employees.”

Cash Flow to Help Cowboys and Cowgirls

Jack was so pleased with his experience that he returned to IOU when he needed additional cash flow for his charity, the Little Boots Foundation. The foundation holds a family rodeo and vendor show each year that offers fun, non-competitive cowboy and cowgirl activities for children. The challenge was the large, upfront cost of paying all the vendors for the event before they had their proceeds in hand.

“In the past, I took a loan from my company or a personal loan to cover the cost of the festival,” he said.

With IOU, he applied for a loan in the morning and received the funds in the afternoon. By having the cash flow to pay in full, he has been able to negotiate better prices with the vendors.

“It’s so convenient. I can’t tell you how pleased I am,” he said. “This is the first year in nine years that the entire festival is already paid off, and now we are just able to push the promotion and really enjoy the festival.”

Fast Capital with Clear Terms

Not only was IOU Financial’s process fast, but Jack also said the terms were simple and clear.

“It’s a one or two page sheet,” he said. “It tells you exactly what they are going to do, how many payments there are, and there’s no penalty for prepayment.”

Jack chose to use IOU’s daily withdrawal option to pay back his loan, and he plans to take advantage of not having prepayment penalties and pay off the cost of the festival once the proceeds are in.

With an easy experience from beginning to end, Jack said IOU is a go-to resource for business owners who are on tight time lines for their projects.

“It’s a very serious decision for someone to take out a large loan. When you’ve made the decision and you step over the line and take the loan, if you’re under a time constraint or anything like that, I would recommend IOU.”


Continued Publication Growth for 26 Years

Starting in 1990 with one publication, this Wilmington-based media company has matured into a business that produces two weekly publications and one quarterly publication. The North Carolinain-blog-image-mediacompany small business has been flourishing for 26 years, and has bought and sold six other publications over the course of its success. With his impressive background, and 18 years in a corporate environment, the owner has grown the business into the noteworthy company it is today

The business owner realized their opportunity for growth, and sought working capital from IOU Financial several times for expanding the product line and hiring new employees. The capital was instrumental in growing the business because it was available in a very short time compared to the long drawn-out process at the bank.

“IOU’s strengths are expediency, great communication, and professionalism,” explained the business owner. “I would tell any potential IOU customer that they’re dealing with a reputable and dependable company.”

Ready on Your Timing

Shooters Service LTD is one of Metro Detroit’s finest and largest specialty firearms stores in the area. For 35 of its 41 years, it has been located on the same corner; a true landmark in Livonia, Michigan. 

Originally started by his father in 1975, Roger Little now owns and operates the business.

“In the beginning, we both worked other jobs to allow this business to grow,” said Roger. “We have always worked hard and long hours; I know of no other way to do it. We grew steadily over the years, with peaks and valleys of course.”

With increased competition and internet shopping making a bigger dent in the industry, Roger made a few adjustments to maintain the growth momentum of his business. He recently attained additional working capital from IOU Financial. “Financing from traditional lenders has been difficult to obtain in the past,” explained Roger. “However, there’s no shortage of options for alternative lending. I turn down multiple calls weekly from similar companies, but I hit it off with my contact from IOU and decided move forward. He was patient and knowledgeable.”

“We took more than six months from first contact to signing. He never fought me, and I pulled the trigger when the time was right. I would recommend IOU to anyone in need of this type of funding,” said Roger.

Slow Season Gives Time for Expansion

Trinity Event Staffing was ready to take advantage of an expansion opportunity in another major market, but the slow summer season meant hiring staff would be a challenge. IOU Financial helped them add a sales and recruitment team member without stretching their financial resources too thin.

Justin Atkinson had 20 years of experience in the industry when he started Trinity Event Staffing, which specializes in providing party and event staff, including everything from bartenders to security services. Although he started in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, his successful business grew to cover all the major markets in the state, including Austin, College Station, and San Antonio. When it was time to enter the Houston market, he decided to do it with the help of a loan from IOU Financial.

Justin realized shortly after starting Trinity Event Staffing, that lending criteria of traditional banking posed obstacles for his business. Traditional loans often require extensive collateral, and since Justin’s event staffing agency didn’t have traditional collateral sources like real estate or large savings accounts, he knew it would be difficult.

“IOU Financial and non-traditional lending is the best way to go. You don’t have to tie up your other pieces of collateral in your growth,” he said.

Even though the company had been in business for over six years when Justin decided it was time to expand into Houston, he knew that alternative lending would be a faster, easier way to go. He ultimately was connected to IOU Financial through a broker.

“I really liked the service of IOU. The people weren’t pushy and just allowed me the time and the space to look at everything.”


While going through the loan process, what impressed Justin most was the patience and transparency of the staff at IOU. His contact was able to answer any questions about the loan terms, walked him through the IOU portal, and gave him time to contact his attorney to review details.

Once the paperwork was finalized, IOU Financial delivered his funds in about 24 hours. Justin immediately put that capital to work.


The $30,000 loan came at a critical time during the year for Trinity. Justin knew that in order to expand, he needed a new staff member to be on the front lines in Houston for sales and recruitment. But it was also the summer, a traditionally slow time for the event staffing industry that meant Trinity would likely encounter negative cash flow.

“Being a small to mid-size company, every piece of internal management or any internal labor you have is a big decision because you are adding an enormous piece of overhead into your business and you have to make sure you’re profitable.”

Justin used the loan to expand into Houston successfully without having to worry whether the additional overhead would jeopardize his business.


Flash forward to one year later, and Trinity Event Staffing has accomplished their goal. Their new sales and recruitment staff member is growing the company’s presence in Houston at a sustainable pace. The loan is almost paid back, and the IOU Financial system of daily payments rather than monthly ones kept things simple for Justin.“I think it’s smart and sustainable,” he said.

Justin considers alternative lenders like IOU Financial a key part of the American economy. He said through alternative lenders, small businesses are able to get the capital they need without putting up extensive collateral in a traditional loan, risking the “blood, sweat, and tears” entrepreneurs have invested in their businesses.

“IOU Financial and non-traditional lending are helping to keep the American dream alive. The traditional banking system is not responding.”

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Customer Success Story: Getting Ahead of the Competition

Twin brothers Jermaine and Damian launched No Grease, Inc. in 1997. Growing up with a mother who was a stylist, they were introduced to the hair industry at a young age. Now, with 19 years of experience under their belt, they have five Charlotte, NC locations.NoGrease

NO Grease, Inc. is no ordinary barber shop. The brothers have put their entrepreneurial skills to work and created an atmosphere of excellence, which they hope to continue with the help of an IOU Financial small business loan. “We sought out additional funding from IOU because wanted to do more advertising, update our equipment, and keep ourselves ahead of our competition,” Jermaine explained. “It’s important to strive for more visibility among our customer base.”

“IOU simplified the process of building a relationship with a financial institution,” Jermaine said of his experience. “[IOU] took out the small print, and put the meat and potatoes in front of us: this is what we are borrowing, this is what we pay every day, and this is what our total repayment is. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and IOU supplies that.”

“Communication is a big thing in small business, and IOU communicates well. If someone is considering a small business loan, make contact and start the dialogue,” said Jermaine. “If you’re looking to grow in your industry, reach out and see if IOU can help provide you with the funds you need to grow.”


If you’re in the Charlotte area, book an appointment with No Grease, Inc. here:

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Small Business Growth: Creating Steady Cash Flow

After 13 years in business, Arizona-based Tectonix Steel has grown to the 5th largest company in the country in its industry, employing 48 staff members.

Due to being a business in post-recession construction, Jason founder and owner-operator of Tectonix Steel, sought additional working capital from IOU Financial. “Because we’re in the steel imageconstruction business, our cash flow ebbs and flows,” explained Jason. “For example, we will do a large, $300,000 project, but we might not get paid for 90 days. So we will work for three months to do the job, but won’t see payment until three months later. IOU has been a great partner in helping smooth our cash flow.”

One of Jason’s favorite parts of being a small business owner is taking care of his employees. Before revving up for the new year and some larger jobs, Jason was able to reward his employees for their hard work. “We wanted to provide comfort for our employees, give them bonuses, and get ready to bring our best into the new year. The additional capital also allowed us to do that,” said Jason.

“IOU is concerned about the relationship, making sure the customer is happy, and about future business,” said Jason. “They’re friendly and willing to help, plus I feel safe and secure knowing I can pay off early and not be penalized… that’s huge!”