Driving Further Success through Working Capital

What began as a quarterly newsletter about the air racing community, eventually evolved into a multi-faceted business dedicated to helping the aviation industry grow. In 1993, the small business expanded from its only offering, a newsletter, to start producing embroidered products for numerous aviation organizations.in-blog-image-quote

Just 3 short years later, the business was embroidering for groups such as: Leeward Air Ranch, Commemorative Air Force (Minnesota Wing), Warbird Rides of America, Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association, Warbirds Parts, Experimental Aircrafts Association (Antique Division) and several others. They were also giving back to the aviation community through donations to Experimental Air Association, Commemorative Air Force (MN Wing) and Flight Expo, Inc.

Now with 20+ years in business, the promotional and merchandise side of the organization has grown in demand at numerous aviation events. Helping other aviation groups grow and achieve their goals has always been a highlight of being in business, and in order to keep doing that, they needed a business loan to introduce a new product line for upcoming shows.

IOU Financial was chosen as their preferred lender because “they do not shy away from loans under $10,000,” the business owner remarked. With this funding, the owner is able to grow the business with new, exciting ideas ready for implementation. IOU Financial provides responsible capital to small business owners across the US and Canada in as little as 24 hours. Even “the customer service is awesome,”  the aviation focused small business owner exclaimed!