Ready on Your Timing

Shooters Service LTD is one of Metro Detroit’s finest and largest specialty firearms stores in the area. For 35 of its 41 years, it has been located on the same corner; a true landmark in Livonia, Michigan. 

Originally started by his father in 1975, Roger Little now owns and operates the business.

“In the beginning, we both worked other jobs to allow this business to grow,” said Roger. “We have always worked hard and long hours; I know of no other way to do it. We grew steadily over the years, with peaks and valleys of course.”

With increased competition and internet shopping making a bigger dent in the industry, Roger made a few adjustments to maintain the growth momentum of his business. He recently attained additional working capital from IOU Financial. “Financing from traditional lenders has been difficult to obtain in the past,” explained Roger. “However, there’s no shortage of options for alternative lending. I turn down multiple calls weekly from similar companies, but I hit it off with my contact from IOU and decided move forward. He was patient and knowledgeable.”

“We took more than six months from first contact to signing. He never fought me, and I pulled the trigger when the time was right. I would recommend IOU to anyone in need of this type of funding,” said Roger.