Continued Publication Growth for 26 Years

Starting in 1990 with one publication, this Wilmington-based media company has matured into a business that produces two weekly publications and one quarterly publication. The North Carolinain-blog-image-mediacompany small business has been flourishing for 26 years, and has bought and sold six other publications over the course of its success. With his impressive background, and 18 years in a corporate environment, the owner has grown the business into the noteworthy company it is today

The business owner realized their opportunity for growth, and sought working capital from IOU Financial several times for expanding the product line and hiring new employees. The capital was instrumental in growing the business because it was available in a very short time compared to the long drawn-out process at the bank.

“IOU’s strengths are expediency, great communication, and professionalism,” explained the business owner. “I would tell any potential IOU customer that they’re dealing with a reputable and dependable company.”