Integrating New Technology for Greater Business Success

Medical Plaza Pharmacy in Houston, Texas has become a staple business in the community. With lots of hard work and a few career shifts, small business owner Art has built his company from the ground-up. After following in his brother’s footsteps and finishing Pharmacy school, Art spent a few years working for a large chain. He and his brother always dreamt of opening their own business together. In 1973, that dream became reality and lasted for 10 years before they both went to work for independents. In 1987, an opportunity arose for Art to open his own business again, and he jumped at the chance. In its 29 years, Art’s business has flourished and provided a much-needed service to his community. “I get enjoyment out of helping  people with health issues and assisting them anyway I can. That has always been a calling card for myself and my growth,” said Art.

Art has borrowed working capital from IOU Financial a art-blog-imagefew times to encourage his business growth. Throughout the years, his business model has changed and technology has quickly evolved the industry. “If you don’t keep up with technology, you fall behind. However, technology can cost a lot,” said the business owner. “At this time, my business is looking to introduce technology in new ways in order to advance in other areas of practice, such as becoming involved in assisted living communities.”

An IOU small business loan provides a cushion that allows Art’s business to grow at a quicker pace. In the past he has used his working capital to make upgrades to the physical space, providing a fresh environment for his customers and employees. This time around he is focused on moving forward in the industry through technological advances and the integration of new software.

“IOU has been very cooperative with my loan applications. The people there really look at what we are trying to do, and they’ve invested in our business as though we’re a best friend. The IOU employees I have spoken with have been so enthusiastic about our growth,” said Art. “That is so helpful in getting us the funds we need to continue to grow in the direction we’d like. We’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with the company!”