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Taxes in 2020 — Small Business Checklist

As we ease into the next tax year, it’s the right time to assess what’s new for businesses: Minimum wages: They went up in 13 states. You’ll need to refigure the withholding and deductions on affected employees. W-4 forms: They’re new for 2020, reflecting the removal of allowances for calculating paycheck withholdings. Overtime rules: About […]

Are You Ready for Your 2020 Budget?

You can’t put it off any longer. The time has arrived to prepare your 2020 budget that’s so necessary for important activities such as: Projecting cash flows Preparing for taxes Identifying borrowing needs Evaluating growth opportunities Assessing performance The stakes are high, because 50% of small businesses fail during their initial five years. You can […]

Team Building Ideas to Strengthen Your Business

As a business owner, you ultimately must ensure that new recruits mesh well with your established team. Unfamiliarity can breed problems and inefficiencies, and it hampers proper communication. One way to bring new employees into the fold is through team building exercises. These activities help foster interdependence and trust among your employees. New employees learn […]