Small Business Owners Find Alternative Solutions For Capital

A recent USA Today article featuring IOU Financial examined unconventional lending sources for small business. Even for healthy businesses, those with positive cash flow and strong financial history, getting loan approval from a traditional bank is difficult. Whether the size of the loan is too small or the cost to process and fund it is too expensive, there is a gap between the needs of the small business community and the ability of banks to fulfill them.

Today, small businesses have more alternative options than ever before; however, the cost associated with these can be prohibitive. As highlighted in the article, many small businesses have the desire to grow but need the capital to take advantage of the opportunity. We see viable businesses every day that have positive cash flow, a solid customer base, and rave reviews but lack the traditional assets or collateral needed to secure funding from a bank. What has made our work with small businesses so rewarding as the best bank alternative, is that they can move forward on achieving their business goals much more quickly with our easy, secure, online application and approval within days instead of weeks or months.

Tailored for retail type businesses, IOU Financial is able to make low-cost loans at low risk through advanced technology that makes fast, accurate, and fair assessments of all applicants, giving small businesses the alternative they need to seize growth opportunities fast. Small businesses drive the American economy, and we’re honored to help fuel their ambition.