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How to Predict Your Inventory Needs for the Holidays

As the weather starts to cool, merchandisers’ thoughts turn to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, while online sellers are more interested in Cyber Monday, three days later. Then comes the whole Christmas shopping frenzy, and the post-Christmas bargain hunting. In all cases, getting your inventory right can make the difference between a profit or […]

Plan an Effective Holiday Party for Your Small Business

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many small business owners will be considering how they will celebrate this time with their employees and clients. Many employers host holiday parties to celebrate the season; however, as the end of the year is typical time to give out bonuses and pay increases, budgeting for these expenses is crucial. […]

4 Ways to Get an Organized Auto-Body Shop

Running an auto shop may seem pretty straightforward: cars come in, they get fixed, and cars go out. As simple as that sounds, there are more things to consider when turning those logistics into profits. One main consideration should be keeping your shop organized. Keeping your shop organized is not only good for the presentation […]

How Small Business Owners Can Learn From US Olympians

When you hear the words Olympics and Team USA, the pure dominance at the Rio games from athletes such as Michael Phelps, the women’s gymnastic team, and the women’s beach volleyball team come to mind. But when you hear the words Olympics and business owner, you may not see a connection. Competing in the Olympics […]

5 Ways Auto-Body Shops Can Attract and Retain New Customers

Auto body repair shops are in strong and steady demand. However, attracting new customers to your local auto shop can at times feel like a losing battle when there is other shop competition. Here are five ways auto-body shops can attract and retain new customers, and you can implement many of them right away.   […]