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DIY or Hire an Accountant?

Many owners of small business do their own accounting, usually with the help of a software package such as QuickBooks. This can make sense if you run a one- or few-person operation, are familiar with basic accounting, and have the time and inclination to take on the work yourself. For you DIYers out there, we […]

Get Your Finances Straight for 2017

With 2017 upon us, it’s an important time for taking stock of your business’ finances and setting right whatever issues are unresolved. Here are 9 tips you can execute right now to get your finances straight: Update your business plan: Several sections may need updating. What was the last time you analyzed your competitors or […]

Best Ways for Small Businesses to Plan for the Holidays

The holiday season means different things to business owners; while some experience a slow season, others have a surge in profits. Regardless, all small business owners need to prepare for this season, or your business could be negatively affected.   Plan for Holiday Recognition and Marketing You must plan and budget for how you will […]

3 Things to Consider Before Opening a New Business Location

Opening a new business location can provide many advantages, from additional profits to increased brand exposure. However, there are essential steps to ensure the success of your expansion that many small business owners forget. Investing into opening a brand new location without sufficient preparation can be detrimental to your entire business operation. Therefore, it is […]

Empowering Entry-Level Employees and Staff to Succeed

There is a difference between supervisors and real leaders. Supervisors simply manage their employees, making sure they accomplish their daily tasks and follow the organization’s rules and regulations. A business leader, while being responsible for the workload, also makes it a priority to empower employees to advance in their careers. Entry-level staff members greatly benefit […]