The True Cost Of Talent Recruitment

Employee recruitment is expensive business, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. When you calculate the cost of job postings, the expense of adding a new employee, and when you consider the time spent sifting through applications and resumes, interviewing, and on boarding….well, you know the old adage: time is money.

Luckily for small business owners, there are ways to lessen the actual cost of recruiting:

Use Social Media 

If you have a company Twitter account (if not, you should!), you can tweet your job postings, and    cater to the talent you are searching for with hashtags. Likewise, post job openings on Facebook, Instagram, ‘Ello…or your social media platform of choice.

Word Of Mouth 

The old standby, word of mouth, is still one of the best recruiting tools out there. Have your employees submit referrals, ask friends and family if they would recommend anyone they know or at least spread the word that you’re looking. Post a Now Hiring sign on your door, or create flyers to hand out at the register. However you choose to do it, let your customers know that you’re looking to add to your staff, and let them do the footwork for you.

Colleges And Trade Schools 

Does your small business need a skilled laborer? Try recruiting at your local college and trade schools. Often, these schools have memo boards in the common areas where you can hang a job posting, or the schools will work with you to place a student in a job.

Unsure how costly recruiting actually is? The following infographic by the NFIB lays out the expenses in time and dollars.

How do you save money and time while recruiting top talent?

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