Small Business Growth: Event Staffing Expansion

Justin brought 20 years of industry experience to the table when he created Texas-based Trinity Event Staffing. Beginning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area about six years ago, Trinity has now expanded to all the primary markets in Texas including Austin, College Station, San Antonio, and Houston.

Like many small business owners, Justin needed a little extra working capital in order to grow his business, and received a loan from IOU Financial. “At the time we sought out capital from IOU, we were expanding from Dallas/Fort-Worth to Austin and College Station. We wanted to cap off all the major places in Texas we should be doing business, and with this loan we have been able to do that,” Justin said. With the additional funds, Trinity Event Staffing was not only able to expand to new cities, it was able to hire a salesperson to focus on client relations in its existing markets, enabling business to flourish further.

“Traditional banking is not usually going to lend capital unless you have some piece of collateral that you’re going to give up. That wasn’t working for us. IOU was a wonderful alternative to the banks,” Justin explained of his experience with IOU Financial. “The process was extremely easy, and I was very impressed with the online portal. My closing specialist was sincere on the phone, he answered my questions, and he never [me] made feel pressured. I appreciated that he left everything in my court.”

Justin advises other small business owners to consider IOU Financial when seeking working capital. “I think the repayment structure of the daily payments is a clever way for IOU to collect, but also for me to pay a manageable amount over a manageable amount of time. We will definitely be keeping IOU in our wheelhouse of resources!”


IOU Financial working capital testimony


Justin was able to expand his business with an IOU Financial loan.  Why not you?  Learn more about business lending and have a Small Business Loan Consultant call you today!