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Benefit from The Small Business Ecosystem

Work, grow, and contribute to small business growth across North America by joining the IOU Financial Small Business Ecosystem. See where your business fits in? Click to explore the opportunities!


Do you provide insurance and financial services to protect small business owners?


Do you provide small business owners with all the capital they need?


Do you help small businesses get more done by providing a specialized service?


Do you help small businesses accept money from their customers to build their revenue?


Do you help small businesses access the products they need to serve their customers?


Do you help small business owners invest back in their business concept?

You would never sell your customer the wrong tool or service – so partner with a lender that upholds those same values. If you share our commitment to keeping your small business clients balance sheets safe and sound so they can enjoy great products and services from you, it is time for us to partner.

Who do we work with?

Our partners are keen on securing their merchants access to responsible capital right when they need it! Building relationships with your customers is our top priority, as we ensure they understand the lending process and advise them to make the best capital decisions for their business. Since our launch in 2008, we have helped countless businesses understand the importance of acquiring and using debt in a responsible manner. Working with IOU Financial means that you and your customers not only have access to an efficient online lending platform, but also to a team of professionals that sincerely care about small business growth.


Our partners care about small businesses’ ability to grow by providing them with tools to improve productivity and create jobs for their communities.


If your company shares the common philosophy with IOU Financial: providing small businesses with the best tools and advice to enable them to grow in today’s complex business world, then let’s talk about how we can work together through a partnership today.

We are available Monday through Friday to start discussing how your business can grow with product offerings from IOU Financial. If you are interested in taking the next steps or simply learning more, please reach out today.

Christophe Choquart | Business Development and Strategic Partnerships


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