Are you taking advantage of all Google has to offer?

The term “google it” has replaced the phrase “search for it” on the internet. Don’t you agree?  Google is typically the place people go to when it’s time to search for something. But what about your business? Will people find it on google?  Are you listed on google business, and if so do you have your business information listed correctly so your customer can find you? Let’s take a look at the details and the 3 reasons why you want to makes sure you are listed on Google Business.

  1. One of the most important aspects of business is being listed in such a way that your clients can find you. With Google My Business you are able to list the proper information regarding your business so the search field in google, along with the maps feature and google+ will all work properly in pulling up your company information.
  2. You can’t run a business without customers! Google Business has a focus on this critical aspect of business. There is a follow button that your customers can press which helps them stay up-to-date on company news, updates and specials. Google Business also allows your customers to post ratings and reviews (hopefully outstanding ones!) and allows you to respond to the feedback as well.
  3. Google My Business provides a one-stop location to help your business glow, and when it comes to business management, ease is critical. There is a dashboard feature that lets you manage all of google information in one place. And with the Google My Business app you can take these features wherever you go. .

It’s clear that Google My Business can only help you in various aspects of your business. But maybe you still have some questions about the features, the cost (there is none!), etc.  Go and take a glance at the Google My Business FAQs to see what you think, and then move ahead to bring a new level of management and interaction with your customers to your business.