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Transparency is what makes IOU Financial the industry’s most trusted small business loans provider. We don’t spring random fees on you, we dont hike up your interest rate, we don’t require you to collateralize your loan with personal assets and we don’t need you to write us a novel on why you deserve a loan for your business.

Learn About Our Fees

There are never fees for an online application with IOU Financial.  Fees are only charged if a loan is funded.

Origination Fee

At the time your loan is funded, a one-time “origination” fee of 8.8 will be added to your loan amount.

On loans being renewed, the origination fee is 7.8.

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

A NSF Fee ($25) is charged only if your daily loan payment fails due to insufficient funds in your business bank account. If you close or change your bank account there may be a fee associated with that change before loan payoff.

Guarantee Fee

Simply put a loan guaranty fee is a charge assessed on a small business loan relative to the risk associated with it. IOU Financial loans are not insured against losses by any government agency. This loan guaranty fee is collected on all loans to offset default costs associated with our small business lending activities.

Administrative Fee

IOU Financial assesses a $395.00 administrative fee to cover personal and business credit report fees, ACH set up fees, boarding into servicing platform, bank account verification and ongoing business surveillance, processing loan application, underwriting due diligence on the business and borrower, initial wire fees and any subsequent wires associated with other lender payoffs.