Is It Time for Your Business to Try Out AI?

AI applications are already being used by mega-sized corporations, but many small business owners have yet to dip a toe. Well, the water’s fine, and we recommend you start checking out the many AI tools flooding the market. With these, you can make better use of marketing data, improve your social media strategies, make your communications more efficient, and much more. Here are five apps that will make your days more productive.

Amy by

If you find that you spend too much of your time arranging meetings and communicating with customers, vendors and employees, let Amy help you out. Amy is a chatbot – a personal assistant with the ability to schedule meetings. It works like this: When you get an email requesting a meeting, Amy goes to work arranging the location, time and other details, and then distributes the information through whichever communication channels you choose. There are free and paid versions of Amy. If you have a lot of meetings each week, check Amy out – she’s a winner.


Even if you use a professional writer for your blogs and website content, you might still be responsible for many types of written communication to investors, customers and others. Whatever your writing chores, Grammarly will improve your output. It’s more than a spellchecker. Grammarly uses machine learning techniques to recognize semantic and stylistic errors, improper sentence structure, and many other nuances that were once the exclusive province of professional editors. Grammarly helps to perfect your written communications, which improves your business’ trustworthiness and professionalism.

If you would like better strategies for closing sales, can help. It employs natural language processing (NLP) to examine emails, transcripts of phone calls and meetings, calendars, WebEx and other sources to find successful interaction patterns. It then generates a model indicating ways to close deals, and monitors salespeople for their adherence to the model. helps remove unproductive behaviors from your sales team’s interactions, drive intelligent sales management and increase marketing visibility, thereby boosting efficiency and, hopefully, revenues.

Legal Robot

Don’t kill the lawyers, automate them. Or at least, apply a little AI to help you understand complex contract language. Through deep learning and NLP techniques, Legal Robot creates models to help you understand opaque legalese found in a broad range of contracts. It will even help you edit your contracts to make them more readable and consistent with best practices. Legal Robot can also find risks and blind spots hidden in dense contract language. Check out Legal Robot before you sign your next contract.


Is there anything worse than trying to take notes during phone calls or remembering long conversations? Tetra AI deploys impressive NLP and speech recognition algorithms that create searchable meeting notes from phone calls. It creates a full transcript plus a detailed summary of the conversation that allows you to search for keywords. Tetra even supports two-way speaker identification, so that you know who said what.

Has your company grown to the point where you are ready to make a sizeable commitment to information technology? Procuring hardware, software and skilled workers is expensive. Let IOU Financial lend you the working capital to finance your automation strategy. We offer favorable terms, quick funding and easy repayment. In other words, IOU Financial is the intelligent solution to your funding needs.