Get Your Spring Cleaning Done for Your Business

Your small business, and more importantly your employees, have survived yet another long and dreary winter.  It’s time to capitalize on these extra hours of daylight, and get some much needed spring cleaning done for your business.

Sure, you need to organize files, disposing of unneeded paperwork, and straightening your desk, but spring cleaning can mean so much more.

The birds are singing; we have more daylight. There’s just something about the spring that gives us a more positive feeling. Take this energy boost to take a fresh look at your inventory, equipment and staff before the Summer hits!


Whether you are about to head into your busy season, or your slow season, now is a great time to evaluate what you have in stock.  Do you need to run a clearance to start making way for more summer items? Maybe you need to stock up on more inventory to meet demand? Now is a great time to evaluate where you were a year ago and make decisions based on your sales data from previous seasons. Inventory can make or break your small business, and past seasons can help tell you what products you will need more of on hand.


Your equipment may have been over or under used in the past couple of months, so take the time to ensure everything is working properly.  This is a great time to get any repairs done, or purchase new.  Yes, I am talking to you too web based businesses! Your website is your most important piece of equipment you have, so be sure to update your content and design.  Take the time to sit down with someone who is using your website for the first time and watch them use your site.  This will give you great insight into improvements you can make to increase conversions through easier usability!


Spring can be a great time for boosting morale around the office.  Set up a happy hour after work, sign up for a softball league, or even just have a meeting outside!  The little things to ensure your staff enjoys working together (along with the added Vitamin D) can really increase productivity around the office.

Take time to look at what you are doing to grow your business. Do you have new ideas you’ve been wanting to implement, but the winter put you in a stagnant mood? Now is the time to go for it!  It’s about moving your business forward in the direction you want it to go, and if money is the only thing holding you back, see what a small business loan from IOU Financial could do for you!