February 14th: Top 3 Ways to Show your Employees the Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and Valentine’s Day often makes us think of the ones we love! It makes us think of the romance of the day. But what about your employees? Why not show them the love (in this case appreciation) too on Valentine’s Day?!

Here are 3 ways you can enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day with your employees …

  1. Food! Who doesn’t love coming into work and seeing there is some kind of food display? Well, maybe some people, but very few. Why not shower your employees with treats on Valentine’s Day. Maybe bring in breakfast and if that breakfast includes something heart-shaped – like heart shaped donuts, so be it! But don’t forget some healthy options for those who want to partake but not want the extra calories.  You can put a little note by the food that says Happy Valentine’s Day – I appreciate you. Your staff will appreciate you for the thought.
  1. How about some kind of Valentine’s Day Coupon – no not the ones good for a hug! But maybe good for an extended lunch of a ½ hour or something that may not make a huge impact on your business, but will certainly be appreciated by your staff. They can “cash in” the coupon at a time that works for them. People love the gift of “time” and this small gesture will go a long way.
  1. If you have multiple people on your staff, why not offer to send them all out to lunch together – either with or without you – and you take care of the bill. Again, just another way you can show appreciation to your staff. This gesture combines both food and time!

It may go without saying, but make sure that nothing that you do could be interpreted in a “romantic way” as you want to stick to proper employer/employee guidelines.  If in doubt, don’t do anything that could be misinterpreted. But with that in mind, take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show your staff that you appreciate them, and see how much they appreciate you for doing it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!