How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

You’ve been there, we all have. It’s your first day or work, and you aren’t sure what to expect. You may have seen the office where you’ll be working, and met a few co-workers and your manager, but there is certainly a bit of anxiety surrounding the situation! Now, back to reality – it’s your new subordinate’s first day of work, your goal is to make your employee feel right at home, so from the start they will know they made the right choice to work for you and your small business.

So what steps should you take to make that happen? Here they are:

  1. Have your new employee’s desk set up for him or her. Have it clean and ready to go. Have the desk filled with the proper supplies so that person knows that you were certainly prepared for their arrival. And you can go a step further, and let them know that if anything is missing, or if they prefer a different planner, etc. that you can place an order for those supplies.
  2. Sit down with them and go over what the first few days at the office will look like. Talk about how you are excited they are on the team and detail what their role will be at the firm.
  3. Take your employee on a tour of the building or office, and introduce them around to not only management but some employees as well. This way when they are walking around the building/office there will be familiar faces.
  4. Have a schedule planned out for the first couple of days and share that with your new employee. From the paperwork, to the tour, to meeting with key people in the company, or having time to get acquainted with your computer system, set out a schedule. This will also let your new employee know you are prepared.
  5. Take them out to lunch with several key people that he or she will be interacting with on a daily basis.
  6. Set aside time at the end of the day to go over the day’s events, and answer any questions.

It’s very important to make your new employees feel at ease. It truly sets the tone for what working in your small business will be like. By following several steps, you can do this with ease, and in the end it will benefit both you and your new employee.

How does your small business welcome new employees?