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Small Business Owners Find Alternative Solutions For Capital

A recent USA Today article featuring IOU Financial examined unconventional lending sources for small business. Even for healthy businesses, those with positive cash flow and strong financial history, getting loan approval from a traditional bank is difficult. Whether the size of the loan is too small or the cost to process and fund it is too expensive, there is […]

3 Steps to a Recession Proof Business

Some businesses actually thrive in a recession. Here are a few that may surprise you: Cosmetics:  When things get tough, women look for more inexpensive ways to pamper themselves like cosmetics and nail salons. In fact, some economists point to rising lipstick sales as a sure sign of a sagging economy. Dry cleaners: People still […]

Small Businesses Need Loans

Why aren’t they getting them?  We’ve all seen the news and reports on how the “credit crunch,” as we so delicately call it, is preventing business owners with good credit from obtaining  financing. But why is it so hard? Without even addressing the disappearing role of community banks in the vitality of small businesses, the simple […]