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What Businesses Benefit the Most From Lower Fuel Costs?

In reality, it’s hard to find many businesses that don’t benefit from lower fuel costs. The biggest losers are oil producers, who receive less revenue for their inventories. This also depresses business activity for oil explorers and producers of alternative energy solutions, since they now have more price competition from cheaper oil and gas. But […]

Marketing on a Small Budget

You might have the best product or service in the world, but unless people learn about it, your small business is not going to get very far. Marketing is essential for every business, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Here are some tips for getting your message out while keeping your cash at […]

Avoid Roadblocks to Your Success

Just about every business, big or small, needs financing. You have to remember that you can have profits without having much money in your bank account. If you run short of cash, it will negatively affect the entire business, including paying for: Startup costs Inventory purchases Payables Uncollected receivables Other uses for working capital Capital […]

Small Business Owners Scramble Over New Tax Form

The Affordable Care Act contains provisions that go into effect in 2016 pertaining to small businesses with no less than 50 full-time employees (or full-time equivalents). These rules are a continuation of ones already in place for businesses with at least 100 employees. Although 2016 is months away, the preparations are going on now, because […]

Employee Appreciation: Priceless Impact That’s Not Pricey

Small business owners often have innate entrepreneurial skills, but successfully running a company requires a much larger skill set. One skill that owners should regularly practice is giving — and receiving — appropriate appreciation to and from employees. Employees as Humans Many business owners, as well as corporate executives, regard employees as plug-compatible units. If […]

Myth vs. Fact: The Impact of Minimum Wage And Small Business

There are many myths surrounding the effects of minimum wage rules upon small businesses. Often, you’ll hear some say they “can’t afford” to pay their workers minimum wage or that customers would be happier if all employees were provided a raise in minimum wage. Fortunately, the topic has been the subject of dozens of academic […]

10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

IOU Financial: These 10 mistakes are easy to avoid as long as you know you are making them! Read through to improve your social media strategy. Originally posted on The Writing Set: Increase Your Following By Avoiding These BlundersUnbelievable power in the current business climate is held by social media advertising. It’s not merely a platform […]

Quick Tax Tips For Small Business

Let’s stipulate from the start that a small business should always be preparing for tax season. There should never be a time when you aren’t maintaining proper records and taking full advantage of the tax laws. When you wait until the last minute, you make the process more complicated and may discover tax benefits you let slip […]

8 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation Everyday

Your small business thrives when you can count on customers loyally returning time and again to purchase your goods or engage your services. Sure, it’s necessary to have good offerings, low prices and savvy marketing, but sometimes that not sufficient. The deciding factor is often an environment you establish that appreciates and values your customers. […]