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Disaster Plan: Why You Need It and How to Create It

Natural disasters can wreck your business. Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, meteor strikes, terrorist attacks, nuclear meltdowns, viral contagions and other mishaps can cause power outages or shut down key vendors, events that can cripple small businesses. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, 25 percent of businesses that experience a major disaster never […]

Top Characteristics of an Effective Manager

You are a manager, and as a manager you have a staff. When you think of that staff what attributes would you like them to have?  Your list probably includes words and phrases such as hard-working, loyal, intelligent, and trustworthy. You probably even have a vision of the ideal employee. Now turn it around.  Have […]

Start Small, Think Big

Starting your own small business is at once exciting and threatening. Any entrepreneur spends a lot of time planning and fretting about a new venture, with alternating periods of exhilaration and despair. So much progress, but so many pitfalls! As the time comes to pull the trigger, your doubts rise and you hesitate. That’s normal, […]

Should You Start a Blog for Your Business?

In a word, Yes! Most every business has a website, but many sites suffer from stagnant content. This limits readership and gives no incentive for consumers to revisit a site. Without return visits, you generally have to make the sale the first time a consumer comes to your site. A blog can give you additional […]

Understanding How to Manage Capital

Cash is the lifeblood of small businesses, because often they do not have alternate sources of small business funding. A company’s current assets minus its current liabilities are its working capital. Cash and its equivalents — short-term Treasury bills and commercial paper — plus assets that can become cash within a year, such as accounts […]

How Record Keeping Saves Your Business

Good record keeping is a vital activity to ensure the success of your business, for several reasons: Measuring the success of your business Producing correct financial statements Supporting limited liability protection Filing tax returns Handling audits Measuring Your Progress You can see if your business is growing and whether a particular strategy is effective by […]

Understanding When Your Business Needs Funding

Just about every business, big or small, needs financing. You have to remember that you can have profits without having much money in your bank account. If you run short of cash, it will negatively affect the entire business, including paying for: Startup costs Inventory purchases Payables Uncollected receivables Other uses for working capital Capital […]