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Email Marketing Stats You Need To Know

Email marketing is a key marketing tactic for any small business. It’s a great way to stay in touch with customers and drive business at the same time. In fact, for every $1 spent the return is about $44, fantastic for any business. And by using an email marketing service it’s easy to make emails […]

Are You Interviewing Wrong?

When a valuable employee has moved on from your organization, or there is a need for additional manpower to handle growing responsibilities, management may want to fill that position as soon as possible. However, it is imperative to give this process the time it deserves in order to hire a candidate that would fit all […]

Six Tips to Raise Your Business Credit Score

A high business credit score will allow you to secure more financing for your business. Business credit scoring works almost like personal credit scoring—credit lenders will report business loans and repayment history to credit agencies, who will then calculate a business credit score. Because a good business credit score is essential for securing business loans, […]

How to Choose the Right POS System

It’s safe to say that we’ve finally reached a point where hard cash and cash registers have become rather obsolete. Even credit card processing systems and hardware don’t do the trick anymore and, considering how technology has progressed over the years, and it’s not surprising in the slightest. Making the correct choice when it comes […]

Bottom Line Boost — 6 Ways Your Hospitality Business Can Save Money

Running a food establishment to turn a profit can be a tricky combination of creativity pitted against hard-nosed dollar smarts. Positioning a business in a high visibility location with plenty of passing foot traffic, parking and a steady stream of customers, is still no guarantee of success if its outgoings and overheads are hemorrhaging money. […]