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Is It Time for Your Business to Try Out AI?

AI applications are already being used by mega-sized corporations, but many small business owners have yet to dip a toe. Well, the water’s fine, and we recommend you start checking out the many AI tools flooding the market. With these, you can make better use of marketing data, improve your social media strategies, make your […]

HR Trends for 2018

Human Resources is a vital department in any organization, working with both employers and employees to address concerns, implement standards and procedures and enforce an ethical working environment. The last few years have seen a major shift in the workplace. Millennials have entered the working world and are making demands for flexibility, decision-making power and […]

Four Easy Strategies to Create Email Campaigns that Retain Customers

Customer loyalty is one of the most important differentiators between a successful and a failed business. It takes time and and investment to attract new customers—customer acquisition costs alone can make it cost prohibitive to run a business. This is why taking steps to retain your current customers is vital to generating sales in a […]

How to Effectively Use Video Marketing

In an effort to better engage with their customers, business owners are constantly trying to find innovative ways to market their brands. Gone are the days of traditional and one-type-fits-all marketing, such as billboards and advertising, as those have proven time and time again to be ineffective compared to more modern, content-driven digital marketing. Video […]