Sheryl Markey

Executive Assistant

Sheryl Marky provides executive-level support to the CEO and executive team at IOU Financial. In addition, Sheryl represents the organization on several initiatives and committees related to office administration, such as procedural and process efficiencies. Her extensive administrative background has contributed to her broad knowledge of business and operational procedures and guidance; she is most adept at maneuvering and executing toward mission accomplishments.

Sheryl joined IOU Financial in 2021 and enjoys being part of a company which allows her the ability to impact and influence the operations and the development of an organization. She has mentioned that she enjoys “contributing to a well-functioning team which enables experts within the industry to help entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and sustain their business”.

Sheryl’s favorite word, the one thing that drives her to innovate and change everything around her is ‘why?’ This one simple question is at the forefront of everything she does because Sheryl is always asking herself why something works the way it does, why it should be done the way it is, and why it can’t be done more efficiently or more effectively. Her drive is to constantly look for better ways to do every task and to draw understanding of what happens within her position.

When Sheryl is not working she enjoys spending time traveling the country, having already made it to 45 states. She is an avid hockey fan and enjoys hiking, crocheting and watching true crime.

Mailing Address

IOU Financial Inc.
600 TownPark Lane
Suite 100
Kennesaw, GA 30144