Healthcare Coverage – Important No Matter Your Size

You run a small company. You care about your employees and you certainly want to be able to bring on the best talent out there when the time comes for you to hire additional employees. You offer a pleasant place to work, and you consider yourself a fair employer, actually a great employer! But there is one area that may be lacking, and that’s the area of healthcare benefits.

Many small business employers are under the impression that healthcare coverage for their employees is financially out of reach, and that potential employees will be understanding on this issue and purchase their own health insurance. Unfortunately, both issues are misconceptions. First, many potential employees may shy away from working for a firm that does not offer health insurance. Even if a firm has to split costs of health coverage with employees, that is certainly better than not offering health coverage at all. As a matter of fact, a majority of firms out there are now set up where employees have to pay for part of their small business healthcare coverage. The key here is offering something to employees so they can determine what they would like to do.

As far as health benefits being out of reach for small companies, this is not necessarily the case any longer. Because small companies are prevalent in this country, there are numerous companies that offer plans to companies of this size. To figure out what would work best for you and your company, scour the internet, make calls, and see what makes sense for you. There are so many options out there, it just is a matter of choosing what type of benefits you want to offer your employees, what you can afford, and what portion of the cost you will split with employees.

When it comes to small business healthcare coverage, it’s imperative to offer something to employees. Not only will it show your current employees that you care about their well-being, it will also be an important benefit you can include when trying to attract new talent to your firm.


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