Make Your Home Office More Productive

Working from a home office, there are so many perks. You have flexibility, you have a very short commute – maybe only down the hall, you don’t have to purchase a wardrobe to go to work and can even just wear your pajamas all day , you can even schedule a repair man during work hours because you are home, and the list goes on and on and on! So working from a home-office is perfect right? Certainly you are the envy of many who have to go into the office. But while the perks mentioned are certainly benefits, these benefits can also create pitfalls, if they aren’t handled properly. Well, most of them except working in pajamas, that’s always good!

Working from a home office can be riddled with distractions that can easily derail your productivity. Maybe you have a child that’s home, maybe you are hungry and grab a snack but remember there’s a show on at that time you want to watch so you sneak in 10 minutes, maybe you remember that you forgot to do the laundry you meant to last night.  It’s important to schedule everything, during your day when working from home, so distractions don’t pop in and cause your productivity to plummet. If you want to watch a show, schedule it during your lunchtime, if your child is home do your best to set boundaries and have as many activities set up for him/her in advance, and take care of your hunger have snacks at your desk just like you would in the office so you don’t have to step away to go to the kitchen, etc. etc. etc.

And there is always something to be said about closing the door! When you are in your home office treat it as an office, one where you are meant to focus and have a successful day. While closing the door may be symbolic, it closes you in to your work space, separating your work and personal spaces.

And lastly, be organized just as you would at work. Just because you are home, doesn’t mean organization isn’t important.  Organize your work and supplies as you would in the office so everything is easily accessible and you know where everything is.

Working from a home-office is a huge perk. Enjoy the benefits; just don’t let anything creep in that can derail you from your home-office being an environment that promotes success. It truly is up to you.


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