Hire AND Keep the Best Employees With a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Offer one thing… flexibility.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work/life balance” a lot. When you think about work/life balance and your firm, are you providing an atmosphere where employees feel that this is a concern of yours?  Work/life balance is certainly a hot-button issue, and is very, very important to many people in the workforce and thus it should be important to you!

Here are two of the top reasons why providing a healthy work/life balance at your company is important:

When you provide employees with flexibility with their schedule, chances are likely they will be more productive during the hours they are working.  Number 1 – they will appreciate the opportunity where they can schedule their hours around what works well for them personally for both them and their family.  Number 2 – They won’t be distracted during work hours thinking about family matters that they feel like they should be attending to.

You will attract individuals to your firm that are concerned with having a good, healthy work/life balance. Let’s say there is a prospective employee that is interested in your company and another company named “Company Balance.” This candidate goes through the interview process with both companies. Both firms make an offer to the candidate. Your offer actually comes in a little bit higher, and all other benefits are equal, except for one thing.  Company Balance is committed to a healthy work/life balance and will allow that employee to work flexible hours, take an extended lunch and make up the hours another time if need be, and even offers a telecommuting option certain days during the week.  That candidate accepts the offer from Company Balance because that type of flexibility is invaluable.

Never underestimate the importance of a healthy work/life balance to both your current employees and prospective employees.  Give employees the option of flexibility and sit back and watch the positive results.

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