Social Media – Which to Choose?

So many platforms – so little time!

Let’s see. There’s only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to get everything done that you need to do on a weekly basis for your business. And that’s right, you don’t only need to work, you also need to eat, sleep and that’s right … have some fun! But how about social media? You know it’s important. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest … and that’s only a partial list of the social media platforms out there!  How on earth could you have time to post on all of these platforms?

So where do you start, or what platform do you choose for your business? It’s important to remember that it is better to handle a few platforms well, rather than cover a bunch of them poorly. Here is a snapshot of each.

Facebook – Facebook is best for the type of business that is “consumer” based, as that is who your followers will primarily be. But many consumers are also business people, so Facebook, due to its popularity is always a good idea. Also Facebook is very good for “local” businesses like restaurants, because you will have local consumers following you.

Twitter – Twitter similarly is important to be on due to its popularity. “Tweet” has become a household name and this platform works well for all types of businesses.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a good source for all things business related. It’s a more professional environment where people go to discuss topics related to their job or industry. Good for business to business information, and showing that you are an expert or “influencer” in your field.

Instagram – If your business is a “visual” business such as fashion, you need to be on Instagram. This is a great way to advertise daily store promotions to generate a following.

Pinterest – Similar to Instagram – Pinterest is all about the “visuals.” You can add your own pins of your content.  Show examples of how people can be using your product in their daily life.  This is a platform where you want customers to feel inspired about what you offer.  Make your “pins” something worth saving for them to go back to.

YouTube – If you have videos to share to complement your brand go for it with YouTube. It’s a way to add real personality to your company.  This is also a great platform for internal training purposes.  Adjust the settings of any video to control who is meant to see it.

With all platforms, you want to post regularly. But the key is to post not only links that promote your brand, but content that your followers will find valuable. And always remember it’s not only important to post but to respond and communicate as well. So choose those platforms that you feel are most valuable to you and your brand, and give those social media channels the attention they require and deserve.


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