Enjoy Summer AND Run a Successful Business!

The summer is here. It’s time for fun – time with the family. Maybe the thought of that raises your stress level thinking that you can’t enjoy family time and keep your business running as it should. Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you. Just follow a few important steps and have a fun-filled summer while keeping your business running smoothly and successfully.

  • Separate work and family time. Be strict about this for yourself. When your work hours are through, shut the computer and dare we say shut off your phone! Who wants to be on the beach with their parent if they are focused solely on work?! Your family doesn’t. You may need to do business here or there on the weekend but do your best to schedule it. First thing in the morning before the day gets started. Or if you need to set up a business call, set it up and when it’s done shut off the phone. Your focus is important for not only your family but for you as well.
  • Schedule fun-time with the family. When you are having a hectic week there’s nothing nicer than knowing there is a rainbow at the end. While it’s important to schedule those meetings for work, it’s also important to schedule fun family time. Sit down with your family and pick a few things you would like to do and can do over the summer, then make a schedule. This way all of you will have something fun to look forward to, and you can schedule your work around those outings.
  • Delegate what you can. If you do have someone or multiple people that work for you, delegate those tasks that you can to free up time. After all this is your business and if you want a couple of extra days off – do it! If you don’t have someone to delegate to, and if you can afford it, possibly find someone part time for simply-handed-off tasks. School is out which means you may find students looking for internships. A great short-term, affordable option.

By following these few suggestions you can have a fun-filled summer with your family. A little rest and recovery makes for better work in the long run!


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