Top 10 Reasons You MUST Join Your Local Chamber of Commerse

As a business owner, you may feel that your days are too full already and joining the local chamber of commerce (CoC) will be too time-consuming. Think again — the real question is whether you can afford not to join the CoC. The advantages that these worthy organizations confer are well worth the time invested, and your business should benefit by increased networking and timely information about your community and your industry.

Here are the 10 top reasons for joining your local CoC:

  1. Credibility
    The general public holds the CoC in high regard, and being affiliated with one helps burnish the reputations of members. You’ll also improve relations with other businesses, especially if they too are CoC members.
  2. Visibility
    Hanging a CoC plaque in your front window or on your office wall announces to the world your ambition to make your business the best it can be. You get the added visibility of a listing in the CoC newsletters and social media sites, as well as specialized CoC publications. You can join in and advertise at CoC events and fundraisers, which should generate goodwill in the community. All in all, CoC membership is a big boost to your public relations.
  3. Networking
    You can capitalize on a great opportunity by joining one or more CoC committees. Not only will you make important connections with your fellow businesspeople, you may also rub elbows with local politicians and other community leaders. Pick a committee where you can make a difference that will help both your business and the community at large.
  4. Democracy
    Speaking of politicians, your membership in the CoC helps you advance your own interests on the tough political and social questions of the day. Don’t just complain about high taxes, red tape and over-regulation, do something about it by helping the CoC confront misguided representatives with the truth. CoC fights to keep free enterprise free and ensure fair treatment for all businesses.
  5. B2B
    Nothing promotes business-to-business relationships like membership in the CoC. Your fellow business owners become like an extended family, and you are likely to increase commerce with your fellow members. No other organization does a better job at promoting local connections and networking opportunities.
  6. Information
    A local CoC is a one-stop source for all kinds of local, regional and national information important for the success of your business. CoC sends out newsletters with community updates and the latest information that can help you run your business. The CoC community calendar lets you plan your time so that you can attend important events — don’t underestimate the promotional value of these occasions. Naturally, it’s wise to invest a few dollars placing ads in the local CoC publications.
  7. Recommendations
    One nice fringe benefit of CoC membership is all the recommendations you are likely to receive from other CoC members on behalf of vendors and consumers seeking new relationships.
  8. Special Events
    Throughout the year, you’ll find that the CoC offers many special events and programs that can enlighten you and give you additional networking opportunities. It’s a fun way to generate new leads for your business.
  9. Advertising
    Advertising via a CoC vehicle adds extra punch to your marketing and promotional activity. Fellow CoC members take note of and appreciate money spent on advertisements in CoC publications and media, since this helps grow the organization.
  10. Discounts
    CoC members enjoy a number of special discounts and exclusive services offered by other members. You might be able save money on, for instance, office supplies or phone equipment.

As you can see, the CoC is a useful ally as you develop and grow your business. Don’t wait another moment — join your CoC today!