Positivity, It Affects Your Work!

Will Today Be a Good Day or a Bad Day? It’s Up To You!

That glass you are looking at – is it half empty or half full? If it’s filled half way with water, both answers would be right. But your answer speaks volumes about how you are viewing the situation. If you view it as half empty, feelings of disappointment arise, as the word “empty” typically describes something negative.  If you view it as half full, then you are seeing your situation in a positive light, your glass is half way to full, to complete.

This is an example that most people are familiar with, but the thoughts behind how the “glass half empty or half full” really can spread across all circumstances in your life.  As circumstances change in your life, it is up to you how you view them. You can choose a positive or a negative attitude each and every day. And doesn’t it feel better; doesn’t your day go better when you have a positive attitude?

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and you are going to start a new job because you experienced a layoff at your last job. You have two ways to view the situation and start your day either off on the right foot or the wrong foot. Let’s start with the wrong foot …

You wake up and as soon as you open your eyes you are dreading your day. Why oh why did that have to happen at your last job? What are the chances you will like this new job? Probably not good. What if you don’t like anyone you work with? What if, what if … And all of these “what ifs” are bad!

Now let’s spin it around to a positive attitude. You wake up and realize it’s your first day of work. Wow, this is exciting. Maybe going through the layoff was a springboard to this opportunity; a better opportunity. You are excited about the challenges that await you, the people you are going to meet, and those positive feelings go on and on.

Which way will make you feel better?  In that scenario and in virtually all situations you have the choice. Choosing to have a positive attitude can impact your life greatly. You can walk around feeling up instead of down, happy instead of sad. And while it’s true it’s not always easy to do, it is something you can focus on each day, and like everything else practice makes perfect.  So practice having a positive attitude, focus on the positive aspects of each situation you face, and experience the positive difference it makes in your life.